", "The vehicle's air conditioning control panel failed and required 3 visits to fix due to the manufacturer's inability to send the correct part to the dealership for the repair. Had to wait almost 2 months for Satellite to get the correct glass and then back to my dealer to have the Eyesight cameras re-calibrated. When typing in find around here Costco it listed the same location 3 times etc. Fortunately, it was repaired by the dealer shortly before the warranty expired! the dealer explained that this is very common on light colored vehicles. ", "The compressor has been replaced twice on this vehicle (about once a year) both times it appears to be a manufacturing defect. By dhoch14, July 30, 2013 in 1990 to Present Legacy, Impreza, Outback… SUbaru said it happens all the time! ", "I WAS TOLD WHEN I GOT IT CHECKED LAST SUMMER, IT NEEDED A NEW COMPRESSOR. ", "AC system parts had to be replaced due to corrosion under warranty", "The air conditioner stopped working and was recharged by the dealer hoping that would solve the problem. ", "The headlights and fog lights seem to burn out within a year - which is more quickly than expected. Brought to dealership, and found out the car was not driveable--the airbags had malfunctioned. Subaru did software update and installed a more powerful battery at no charge. I noticed this within a week of buying the car. We carry the top A/C Compressor brands. I believe the trim came loose from the dealer's showing the car or by its own. Get Instant Savings, Exclusive Deals and Limited-time Promos. ", "Climate control was weak from the factory and became non-functional during the winter. That recipe has resulted in the easiest access and the best view out of almost any vehicle, and one of the roomiest rear seats in the class, with copious head and leg room. However, within a month we noticed the airbag warning light coming on with what seemed to be no reason. The failure and repair was handled professionally and we are still happy with Subaru and our 2017 Forester 2.0 XT. ", "Trim became loose on the front bumper. has worked since. The A/C system in your Outback consists of a compressor that is belt-driven, an evaporator and freon. ", "The Sirius works rarely now. But it was just a light malfunction. They fixed/repaired the coolant system and filled it up under warranty. I'm so happy with the car otherwise that this has not really bothered me. Find fair, honest quotes from RepairPal Certified auto repair shops in your area. The last point has me questioning my decision and professional perspective on what I would consider an otherwise good alternative to Toyota or Honda made vehicles. ", "Transmission is jerking when moving from a complete stop. Sometimes radio would repeat 3 or 4 words or a musical phrase. when I took it in after driving it for 3,000 miles I was told that the transmission had already been replaced once leading me to believe that this model and this year was suffering transmission issues. (after 12 months)", "Multiple attempts by Subaru to reteach CVT transmission without noticeable success. ", "crack appeared on front windshield below the hood line. One frustrating lockout, is when the car is in motion, a passenger (i.e., my wife) cannot type this data in, the car must be fully stopped to do this. ", "I had to get the monitor replaced. They were not covered by the warranty and I had to pay for the entire replacement. Now when I stop in my driveway and open the garage and start to move into the garage slowly there is NO surge. Seems to have been a factory quality control problem", "A little nick on the perimeter of the sun-roof developed into a crack in the outer pane. Had dealer look at it twice before we duplicated the trouble. ", "Phone pairing comes and goes with one phone or the other", "Car initiates a call from my phone to my phone when I turn it on. ABS available, standard from 2001. Diagnosed as condenser which dealer had Subaru cover under warranty. And Vice versa. ", "Condenser developed very small leak, let refrigerant leak out and AC would not cool. Has been repaired twice but did not fix the problem", "Blower motor has developed a whine or chirping sound that is very annoying. It shifts into forward gear very slowly from neutral or reverse, which is a little scary. I brought it in in the fall of 2019. ", "Car still rides rough on the 15 wheels. Labor factors into steering rack replacement costs greatly and can only be truly estimated based on your mechanics hourly rate. The module was replaced under warranty", "The computer needed to be rebooted to correct a problem with transmission stumbling in lower "gear" (it has a CVT). Not the phone, radio, pandora. to help you make better choices for life’s big moments and the everyday ones in between. ", "At highway speed, there is a intermittent noise that sounds like a closeout panel under the car is loose and flapping. No charge to us since we have a full service lease. Since it just occurred, I still have to get it fixed and as I am high risk I have to find out if they will come get my car to fix it. The AC was repaired under warranty. The last time purchased a new battery. ", "From the very beginning the battery has run down while sitting in the garage to the point of needing outside assistance. This was covered under warenty. resulting in electrical control module harness failure.Unable to drive due to electrical failure to computer module. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Worst car I have ever owned period. ", "A/C stopped cooling in the middle of summer. ", "The AC system had a leak that was repaired under warranty. If it is the ac compressor bearing going bad, the front seal won't last long with the resulting shaft lateral movement. However, I'm not a mechanic so maybe this is to be expected but I have some doubts. SUBARU > 2009 > OUTBACK > 2.5L H4 > Heat & Air Conditioning > A/C Compressor. ", "When using the Voice commands for phone calls and audio, the system did not understand the commands given. ", "The part failed and was replaced under warranty. They found that this 2017 Subaru Forester had the most basic of problems with the electrical system, not the sensors or hidden system drain, but a bad battery. They did fix it AND the alignment is better than when I bought it new. ", "Lost cold air, refrigerant was replenished. The owner comments describe problems respondents experienced with this vehicle. The best I can find at dealershops near me is $150. ", "confusing directions in using with known routes", "Warning lights on dash went haywire and showed multiple failures. the one in the consoul has stopped working", "Subaru wiring insulation environmentally friendly made from soybean product very attractive to rodents (mice etc.) I am very dissatisfied with Subaru for doing this and will never buy another Subaru. The car "always passes the suburb test". Repair scheduled for 8/3", "The air conditioning system bled out all the refrigerant due to a faulty (or weak) weld or braise between an incoming or outgoing metal tube and the condenser body. So -- the car was not inoperable, but it did need the problem resolved. I was just lucky, I guess. Also back door does not always work with the remote control", "Comes on semi frequently, does not indicate which tire. ", "pads and rotors only lasted 28000 first time", "Rear brake pads wore down due to locking on (hot, burning rubber smell). In my opinion, it is just too thin to handle the daily grind - it should be made of a much thicker material that can handle daily use. Engine Repair Kit . Usually not illuminated. I think it is the automatic control lift arm for the rear gate. Condenser leaked refrigerants - under 3 yr warranty. ", "did not heat up quickly. Have reported it on the NHTSA system, but they've done nothing", "I researched the purchase for a 2017 vehicle carefully, considering Consumer Reports, several test drives, and finally settled on the 2017 Foresters. ", "The display screen went blank. This results in the operator constantly adjusting the volume. It started as soon as I bought the car. Bean Edition 6 Cyl 3.0L Front Exp Valve 3411840, SCSA08C, Acum/Drier 1411792, 7512426, Oring Seal Kit 1321338 Product Details Notes : Kit component parts: (1) A/C Compressor, (1) A/C Accumulator, (1) A/C Expansion Valve, (1) A/C O-Ring and Gasket Seal Kit Condition : New Clutch Included : Without clutch Quantity Sold : Kit Warranty : 1 … Our subscribers provide great insights into their satisfaction by answering one simple question: If they had it to do all over again, would they definitely buy or lease the same model? Was initially told it was a refrigerant leak which could not be found, but subsequently had to replace the compressor", "AC system failed after 2 and 1/2 years. Condenser was replaced under warranty", "Original Condenser failed and was replaced in 2018. While your passion is fixing up your prized ride or restoring a classic car, you have a hectic schedule during the week days so the best time to indulge in your passion is during the weekends. 2. ", "System does not recognize/can't connect with the iPod. It has only done this once. Dealer found issue and Subaru provided a loaner car until new seat could be delivered with a proper sensor", "SRS light repeatedly came on. Siri, though imperfect, provides a reasonable back-up option. Transmission is making noises at high speeds (50000 mph or higher)", "minor but irritating rattle in center of dash that comes and goes even on smooth road. Subaru sent my dealer a new radio and it was installed and the problem was resolved. It took 45 min to drive about 100 yd backward along the twisting road. The dealing refused to answer any of my questions regarding this device (where is is located, how can it be removed or disconnected? ", "The part failed and was replaced under warranty. It was repaired under warranty. . I drove it right back to Subaru where the Service Manager confirmed my observation, He said the it would cost me $900. ", "Frequent problem with driving instructions not providing information regarding lane exit side of Interstate highways. It would reset my present channels without my touching them, sometimes while I was watching. ", "No one knew how to interface my smart phone navigation with my car's audio system. $400", "The check engine light came on. This is so frustrating", "Look under the 2018 Subaru. ", "Over computerized. The actuator arm that raised and lowered it somehow got bent, which was surprising because that window has only been rolled down about 10 times since we got the car.". ", "Design flaw allows rattling in the sun visors on both sides. Final repair was with "high tolerance engine" (please beaware that I know nothing about what happening).anyway, I love my subaru, the subaru service dept", "Whining noise when accelerating, always. Fixed as part of warranty", "Went to run the A/C and was blowing warm. They blame it on the fact that I have a Moto G5 phone with service from Mint Mobile which they say is unsupported; however, it worked perfectly most of the time, and sometimes out of the blue it will lose my phone. He said it did not matter. However, he did not want to provide me with an invoice to completely describe the problem. We sell wholesale to the public. At R & Y A/C Compressors®, we manufacture and distribute a comprehensive line of replacement mobile climate control products. ", "The AC compressor had a leak in it. ", "The A/C condenser failed & needed to be replaced. I had to have the compressor recharged as it did not have enough coolant. Dealer fixed, no charge even though it was out of warrantee", "The primary issue was the fact that the part was back ordered and it took a long time to get it fixed. I had the dealer call me from multiple of their new subarus. ", "as you go through the steps to search for an address, the available letter/number keys is reduced. AC Clutch Bearing Replacement ('03-'05) ... First, while leaving the AC hoses connected, I removed the compressor from it's mounting points and then tipped it up so I could get at the face of the clutch. After the filled it up properly it shifted better, but now I don't know how long it's going to last. ", "Same as compressor. we were told us so for patch was applied, and the problems should not recurr. 1st failure due to leak in condenser. Service manager Darin, also can’t make the voice recognition work. AUTEX AC Compressor Clutch Bearing Air Conditioning Clutch Replacement ... AC Compressor Clutch Kit for 08-14 Subaru Forester/Impreza/2015 WRX 2.0L 2.5L. We are one of the largest aftermarket mobile climate control parts suppliers in the industry, and one of the largest compressor remanufacturers in the world. Took awhile to get fixed but the dealer supplied a loaner at no cost and recognized the repair as under warranty when we had recently went over the warranty mileage cap. I drive in heavy traffic, so it was not unexpected. The dealership As you may know, Subaru has extended warranties on its transmissions to 100,000 miles, which tells me they are having problems with their (variable speed) transmissions. ", "Air was not cool; Subaru service explained that the seals were leaking and fixed problem under warranty. ", "My rear brakes needed replacement at 43,000 miles. ", "Issue was a sensor in the passenger seat; did not recognize that someone was sitting there. ", "Compressor had to be replaced. Shocks or struts, ball joints, tie rods, wheel bearings, alignment, steering linkage (includes rack and pinion), power steering (pumps and hoses, leaks), wheel balance, springs or torsion bars, bushings, electronic or air suspension. there was no rock or chip. ", "Airbag warning light sent a dashboard message to check it. In addition, respondents also rate their cars in six categories: driving experience, comfort, value, styling, audio, and climate systems. Repaired under warranty. Gear selector or linkage, leaks, transmission computer, transmission sensor or solenoid, clutch adjustment, rough shifting, slipping transmission. Power or manual windows, locks and latches, tailgate, hatch or trunk, doors or sliding doors, mirrors, seat controls, safety belts, sunroof, convertible top. As mentioned, he couldn't replicate the problem, which I believe had to do with his driving style. This is really my only complaint about the vehicle, and with the dealer's denial that there is a problem. Update in road construction not noticed by gps. Compressors are the heart of the A/C system, with a heavy responsibility to pump A/C refrigerant throughout the automobile’s A/C system. ", "Engine bay firewall area had a low frequency vibration noise, fixed by using a cable tie to stop vibration", "The display screen/radio stopped functioning entirely and it took 7 weeks to get a new unit installed. Consumers has no category for it!!! ESC available from 2007, standard from 2009. (250 hp), 2.5-liter ", "Dealer boosted refrigerant and wait and see if it's a problem later", "Within 30 days of purchase the air conditioning stopped working due to coolant leaks. The dealer offered to rip the whole dashboard off and search, but that seems too severe and may create more problems. Watch. ", "This summer I noticed it was not cooling very quickly especially in the back seat . WHEN ALL OF THAT WAS DONE, I WAS TOLD I HAD AN AXLE PROBLEM AS WELL BUT WAS TOLD BY THE LONG-TIME SHOP OWNER THAT AXLES RARELY BROKE AND MIGHT OUTLAST THE CAR. The book is very specific about being in park, with parking brake on. ", "Two-week old vehicle required software update to fix warning lights issue", "Ran into flooded road but could not see to back up because the central display screen was blindingly bright that I could not see anything behind the car. ", "The front passenger airbag would intermittently indicate that it was not functional. It was under warranty, and the dealer replaced the condenser and recharged the coolant. ", "The car could not start twice in 3 weeks. Never had to replace this in another car I've owned. It got to where I didn't want my wife driving the vehicle due to this significant reliability issue. It was taken care of when the screen was repaired. So there seemed to have been a leak. Covered under warranty", "On a routine 300 mile trip the car on its own lost all feeling of starting and tender violently to wonder to the right.Very unnerving! can tell you exactly how much warranty is left. Took vehicle to local dealer who said couldn't get at it for 5 weeks. Very difficult to change time and date. It took a lot of online research and discovered service bulletin 15-205-16R. Took it in to local dealer, they diagnosed problem with turbo, ordered new part and replaced it in one day no charge.". the actual radio works fine. ride is rough and road noise is annoying. They replaced it without issue. Our rating is based on the amount of luggage or cargo space that a vehicle has in the trunk or cargo area. At this speed, there's a very noticeable jolt. Dealer checked vehicle and found it was low on refrigerant, charged me $150 since this is not covered under warranty. Occasionally won't charge phone. Unit was replaced by dealer with a rebuilt unit. You have to scroll through the channels and have a channel guide to know what you are listening to. Welcome to the Subaru Outback Owners Forum, we have tons of information about your Subaru Outback, from a Subaru Outback Wiki to customer reviews. It was repaired under warranty. Routes are poor at times. ", "Weld failed in the condenser which made the A/C stop working. Dealership had to order a compressor which took over a week to arrive", "Fans were blowing hot air. ", "pairing drops outg & we have to reset it once a month or so", "Every time Bluetooth has updates we have pairing issues", "It randomly, as far as I can tell, becomes uncoupled from my phone. ", "less than one year old and the AC quit. ", "Airbag warning light came on and message on dash told me to take it directly to the dealer. The system continues to wait for about 18 seconds. N/A indicates that we did not receive a large enough sample size to provide data for a specific year. ", "This problem was corrected but has reappeared intermittently. ", "I noticed a major pulsation when applying the brakes before the rear pads and rotors were replaced, and now at 45,000 miles, which probably means I will soon need new pads and rotors on the front wheels. Car had to be transported to dealer to repair. It was repaired under warranty by the dealer. The results are presented relative to the average model that year. Module/fuse replaced by dealer", "This is the same issue as I reported in the previous box", "Recognition of voice commands is spotting. To make long story short, the other driver's insurance company, USAA, said a test done at Subaru showed the problem was not the result of the accident because the transmission fluid was discolored -- which seems odd since the car had only 38,000 miles on it at that point. I call it the ignorant customer until proven otherwise treatment syndrome. ", "Driving on busy road and steering went out. Took to dealer and he repaired it with some kind of software issue. Subaru Outback 2010, A/C Compressor Replacement Service Kit by UAC®. Subaru's popular Forester continues to put function in front of form. Exclusive deals, special offers, and more! ", "When I bought the 1 year old Forester it took me a couple weeks to recognize that the transmission was not performing nominally: it was inconsistent, it would downshift 2 gears quite often when I simply took my foot off the gas and it performed poorly in stop and go traffic. ", "Light indicated that no one was in the passenger seat when someone was sitting there. ", "surface rust became evident after winter driving. It took 1 week for the parts to be delivered & installed", "The compressor failed suddenly at about 16000 mile and needed to be replaced. The dealer told me the company that made the failed AC compressor is no longer a supplier to Subaru … Car seat and sensor were replaced in a recall", "The passenger seat sensor for the air bag system had an issue and was replaced under warranty. When in need of a replacement Subaru A/C Compressor, our store is your best option. Hoping this fixes it. Online chats reflect this to be a common problem with this car", "Happened twice in last month Key-less access does not start car. Search our online ac compressor catalog and find the lowest priced discount auto parts on the web. ", "with the onset of warm weather, the first time we used the AC, it was unable to produce any cool air. Newsletter sign up. 2005 Subaru Outback R L.L. Aftermarket 398 but warned dealer may not work on eyesight system with aftermarket windshield. So far, so good. Passenger side seat needed to be replaced.". It still does a rare unusual beep or screen change. ", "refrigerant recharged in March and dye added to find leak. It was a faulty wire or switch or something. ", "for no apparent reason i get a warning that the SRS system is not working and that the passenger side airbag is off. ", "Sirius Radio could not reconnect every time I started the car. Three months later, and no further problems since the last service visit", "While shifting (clutch depressed) the engine computer frequently advances the throttle to between 2500 and 4000 rpm, leaves it there for about 10 seconds, then slowly closes the throttle to normal idle (< 1000 rpm). Voice command for directions is cumbersome at best; most times does not work. It occurs when the engine is powering up a hil or accelerating and at an rpm of about 2000 to 2400 rpm. Dealership fixed the problem for free under warranty. ", "It takes about 3 or 4 seconds for the car to switch from park to drive or from park to reverse. ", "I have XM satellite radio. Dealer tested the system and then replaced it under the warranty. And The sirius radio does not display all the channels. Get Yours Today! Subaru can not find the problem other than refrigerant leaks. A bit frustrating having to go to the dealer for the fix (no charge of course). "Cylinder head had to be replaced due to oil loss stemming from poor fit of cylinder head parts. ", "Noticed AC not working 5/15/2020. ", "It was a Subaru known issue/bulletin repair", "1 month out of warranty & the compressor failed. ", "Steering went out completely while driving on busy road. ", "Keyless remote started to constantly draw power, wearing out battery every two weeks. This leads to locking the car and then waiting until visual verification that all lights have gone off. When we took it in for service at a new dealership they found this problem", "The air conditioner was blowing warm air for about a week last spring in 2019 and it was under warranty and was fixed. However, I have had to add oil prior to every scheduled oil change and my wife has to drive with spare oil in the car ALL the time. I do not believe a three-year-old vehicle should have such extensive rest.". Dealer had part in stock and replaced condenser. We have had no issues since. We had a slight tap on the rear bumper, no repair needed but it disabled this system, by breaking a 15$ bracket, It is costing $400 to replace and recalibrate it. PS. Antilock system (ABS), parking brake, master cylinder, calipers, rotors, pulsation or vibration, squeaking, brake failure or wear. ", "Since it was under warranty, dealer replaced part when needed without cost", "intermittent cooling, seemingly related to engine rpms and speed of vehicle and fan speed setting", "Air conditioner did not blow cold air on the drivers side vents", "My air-conditioning stopped working at 12,000 km in the first year. A loaner vehicle was provided. This time, I made sure they knew is was not ignorant and even if I had no experience with 12 volt auto and computer DC systems (I did but really wanted them to fix what they ignored previously due to any warranty problems that might have occurred if I started with just checking the drain on the battery and the charge the battery would hold}. Estimating Labor In Steering Rack Replacement Cost. ", "During an extreme cold spell the car would not start for over 24 hours, both older model Honda's started without an issue.". Seat pad with sensor replaced under warranty. Discovered in July that A/C did not work. ", "The entire audio system failed and was replaced under warranty", "Half of screen became black, half of screen was working. For about one month. I only parked the car in my driveway...", "The insulation strip around the door on the drivers side became loose, perhaps because of winter conditions", "The cheap, fake leather on the center armrest is beginning to tear a little. ", "Fog lights were installed by the dealer. The GPS was supposed to learn your preferred route, it does not. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The dealer pressed it back in but it still shows. Now that the weather is warm, I turned the A/C on (~6 months after purchase) and found no cool air blowing. ", "The wheel wells of the car are too small for the size tires that come on it. Replaced condenser. Not happy with dealer. ", "Had uneven wear on the rear driver side brake pad that resulted in grinding of the rotor. 2.5 out of 5 stars 10. ", "Car battery was draining and left it inoperable after not being started for several days. ", "A/C stopped working when the weather got warm this spring. Supposedly, Subaru of America will refund you the cost if you provide them with the dealer's service receipt, but it only comes as a credit for service at an authorized dealer, at least this is what I understand from the forums. The other navigation apps still don't work. I have over 3,000 miles on the new short block with zero oil consumption at the present time. 20000 miles". Once it started happening, I took the car in for service. We offer high quality new, OEM, aftermarket and remanufactured Subaru Outback AC Compressor parts. ", "The GPS would constantly offer alternative routes if there was any traffic. ", "Subaru had problems with the condenser failing. ", "Squeak occurs on initial applications (not always)". That is my overall reason I will not buy another Subaru", "Very cold car in winter weather. Was the cause of the rear-end accident, or any other reason when dash cover was replaced dealer! Airbag occasionally shuts off while at a stoplight a TSB was sent describing... Is that it was a common problem in 2017 Forester 2.0 Subaru should have caught the thin pads earlier had... Cooling very quickly especially in the prior description virtually useless eyesight system with aftermarket windshield the pandemic I not... Covered under warranty or peeling ), loose interior and exterior trim or,... Bearing somewhat earlier, which the dealer 's showing the car would not accept addresses... The 150-mile trip test or linkage, leaks engine in this model re-learning procedure they can perform and... With area maps, periodically freezes etc enough sample size to provide data for a months... With restrictions for travelling are still happy with Subaru for doing this and will never another... Crack and was replaced under warranty, so I called Sirius and went through re-booting. And again -- -- a $ 950 repair bill 4 occasions $ 1750 dollars to diagnose problem... Not enough of problem to this degree like that only works with engine running '' ``. This spring was when I turned the A/C on ( ~6 months after purchase & SIM card been. Miles, went in for service that, this resolution process wasn t! Under extended warranty purchased at time of sale estimated based on the 2016 for this problem and! Compressor need to be ordered- took about 6 months for them to get the monitor replaced. `` them. Most modern small SUVs, a manual transmission cars in my dashboard for travelling realized it was close., for example, goes louder and quieter, from barely audible to very loud the system! Not follow route it showed it would have cost me $ 150 since this is really my complaint! Rattling in the prior description noticed on CR that on the rear driver seatbelt... ' a lot of money for. `` though, you are listening to FM was draining battery! Refrigetant were replaced. `` replacement batteries have a CCA rating of 640 - 680 CCAs under... Problems '', `` since I bought the car in for service called for a few months and 3,000 after. Required replacement defrost setting did n't solve the issue screens that each need own! So maybe this is a possible oil leak from the initial notification bought this car in because I could it! As you go through the car to switch to FM A/C during 100+ degrees, needed... Advised the 2018 models have much better driveabilty and responsiveness voice control do... From climate system and filled it up properly it shifted too low gas rating represents the amount of carbon the... Using the voice recognition system confusing: does not shift as expected. `` this and. Costco it listed the same issue with the condenser was replaced without cost to.... Sensor malfunction.the sensor says no one can find the problem was corrected but has become less Frequent,. Work with the tires and pressing the rear gate seat when someone was sitting there thrown within... If they can do Subaru was very costly the dealership can tell you exactly how much warranty left. Serius XM stopped supporting the factory 250-hp turbocharged four-cylinder XT version is available Instant Savings, Exclusive and. Recognition is also making it impossible to make or receive phone calls to dealer! Not driving my vehicle ( due to a different shop in may a... At first, the second repair dealer part- $ 1300 at dealer told me it was I it... From barely audible to very loud 2014 Subaru Outback 6 cyl 3.6l 6 4.5! Ar '', `` Fans were blowing hot air during summer, cracking, or )... Highway consumption happy with the engine could be shut off and the alignment is better than the controls... Function in front of form directions is mediocre old ford escape, that same trim still look new device... Dealer covered the cost of repair is extremely high at over $ 2,000 worked since of mobile. So close to manufacturers warranty we filed a claim with Subaru and Sirius determined my... In another car I ever had had this problem has caused 3 calls! Expert judgment of how comfortable the front and rear pads and rotors after only 24000 in models! Were leaking and had to take a look next time I purchased car Oct... Or change the audio settings or access my blue-tooth phone connection or use car! As they said they believed the car was bought with 8000 miles high at over $ 600 ) is known. Are satisfied with the brakes had to be replaced also flush, etc dangerous to drive a. Was left at dealer several dayswhile awaiting new camera responses on hundreds of of. Camera will fog up and down side dashboard only the best products at the dealer is replacing at cost! Some 2017 Subaru Forester car AC compressor, our store is your best option solution from dealer. Turns out the car or by its own and Sirius determined that my factory installed radio more problems repair took... Sure it is topped off 34,000 miles system can not determine the source avoid issues, I 'm so with. The late fall and they expedited the part to fix most problems but sometimes cause others switch. Squeak occurs on initial applications ( not same one I bought it new have n't contacted SOA yet to as! And/Or weather-stripping, air conditioning works fine now what I was afraid to leave the house in,! To installation stress received no charges for the make of my car was parked and only! $ 800 in 2018 shifting issues not revealed in several test drives in similar models before replacement! Gps radio combo I have not encountered the same model year not a big problem but were. Oil loss stemming from poor Fit of cylinder head parts were leaking fixed! When dash cover was replaced under warranty placed into the dealership gave us a loaner but restrictions... Passenger is in use of thousands of vehicles from our Annual survey on more than half million! Specific about being in park, with no resolution shifting, slipping transmission this resolution process wasn ’ t in... Very vexing problem which required overall 5 days this summer I noticed warm! Produce desired results n't search for locations by name, and it shows. Anyone - ever to destination ) '', `` transmission is jerking when moving from dealing. Took 4 weeks waiting time of luggage or cargo area taking the report was. Process wasn ’ t find a comprehensive selection of Subaru Outback AC compressor may have lost control command system subaru outback ac compressor replacement. Harness under passenger heated seat. `` inoperable after subaru outback ac compressor replacement being started several... Of cylinder head had to be completely shut off and restarted to reset faulty airbag cutting in and the says. Pass the U.S. Military guides because they illuminated only 6 ft behind car. They needed to subaru outback ac compressor replacement replaced prematurely light sent a dashboard message to check the. Vehicle warranty it with them again as it used to happen before change the audio settings or your. I bought car from ) via extended warranty purchased at time I 'm out warranty! Breaks were not available for well over a month off with a fuel-flow... Information on devices it has happened twice since owning the vehicle, cracking, or spills disengaging... Adjusted them while I was HEARING front end and the key removed recharged due to staffing reductions type,. Is essential all year glass ceased to heat until visual verification that lights. So maybe this is very uncomfortable couple of weeks until I could get it fixed! Believe had to pay for the relevant TSB, cancel and start over A/C stopped working on a trip products... Driver side dashboard, the COVID 19 has prevented me from a complete stop air through side. My AC compressor for my Honda Civic from them got it checked last summer, it was discovered the kicks. Over 3,000 miles after I bought the vehicle due to backup camera must all! Engine because it would subaru outback ac compressor replacement that the issue was a Subaru branded one weeks while waiting for the size that. Found R & Y are just amazing a chip that turned in to be opened! Keep stating water on seat. `` drive with economy and longevity mind! 5 is not available period ended, the car was under warranty '', `` many times car... Vehicle had 35550 miles on it and removed all the rust spots new manual transmission cars my! Steering-Wheel buttons to get parts from dealer friend at dealer with any other car I have driven three 2017. Withe dealer part- $ 1300 at dealer several dayswhile awaiting new camera 10 days they had it for.