Pre-Order Now. Durable, watertight and breathable. When you’re done using a polyester tent, you simply pack it up and throw it in the closet. 605 talking about this. Thanks to their 58 years of making tents, SpringBar has gained the experience it takes to make a top of the line tent. Deal. Canvas tents are made of thick cotton. Like the Springbar, it’s available in different sizes. 25% OFF. This might be the tent for you if the price is scaring you away from buying a canvas tent. I’ve spent about 40 nights in it so far and I really do love sleeping in this thing. All in all works great for me! I routinely have all sorts of wildlife moving within a few feet of my swag because they don’t know anyone or anything is inside. Do with that what you may, but we think, Similar design to the standard canvas style tents, with small differentiators, A quality canvas tent at a reasonable price that doesn’t skimp on quality, Windows on all four sides mean gives you improved ventilation and panorama views, The heavy-weight ceiling is coated with silver to protect you from UV rays and keep you cool, YKK zippers, 100% duck canvas, and a high-density groundsheet tub make sure this tent lasts, Instructions aren’t clear, some users reported having trouble tearing down and packing up, Alpha Kilo 4000 Outfitter Waterproof Tent, Double ceiling and quality material provide wind protection up to 100mph, YKK zippers and thicker canvas guarantees this tent to last longer than polyester tents, 7 ft. high ceiling, higher than any other tent on this list, Comes with a small gap for plugging electrical sockets into, This tent comes with poor instructions, so we highly recommend setting this up at your house before trying it in the wild. We found both the SpringBar and the Kodiak to have similar quality and reliability, so these come down to personal preference. The kodiak canvas truck bed tent is high performing, thanks to the Hydra-Shield 100 – percent cotton duck canvas. As you can see in the video below, setting these up can take more time and effort. The tent is not easy to set up, and the instructions are not clear. -the middle pole set I would love to see on the outside of the tent. Unzip screened windows in the head and foot for air flow. It will hold up to the elements, and long outlive tents made with inferior fabrics. Keeps tent taut. Durable, watertight and breathable. The company's tents feature Hydra-Shield canvas construction, a tough, long-lasting material that minimizes mugginess and holds up to strong winds, driving rain, and even moderate snowfalls. That’s because they’ve been making these things since 1961! While there are many great canvas tents, it’s clear that the Teton Mesa Canvas tent is head and shoulders above the rest. As a premium tent, this comes with a premium price tag. Shows the easy set-up of a Flex-Bow tent. Now, no product is without its flaws. Kodiak Canvas Tents Filter by. I went through the seasoning process as per the instructions and had it set up outside for quite a while. long, 35 in. Only used once so far but worked out great,. As mentioned, canvas tents have some huge advantages over other tents. I would also like to see more interior hooks, loops, & pockets for stashing and hanging up small items like headlamps. 1. These tents are heavy as is, and unless you’re camping with six more or people, the 6-person model will provide plenty of space. Kodiak Canvas Tents 6044 10x14 ft. 8-person Tent. Verified and Tested. Typical tents use lightweight poles and hydraulic arms to snap into place. I was particularly impressed with the thick 16 oz vinyl flooring material. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent Features: • Hydra-ShieldTM, 100% Cotton Duck Canvas. I have assembled it multiple times both on the ground and on a cot, packed it up multiple times, tried it with different sleeping bags, and spent time just lying in it. One of the key benefits that bell-style tents have is that they’re more friendly to fire (for keeping you warm, of course). SHOW DEAL. Made with the same Hydra-Shield 100% cotton duck canvas that is durable, watertight, and breathable as our other Kodiak Canvas tents. I'm 6'4" and can easily stand up in mine with plenty of room to spare. When it comes to canvas tents, SpringBar is one of the most widely recognized names. Despite being thin, the normal polyester/nylon tents that most people use are not that breathable. 4) The canvas Kodiak tent is strong and durable. This Kodiak Canvas tent is made up of 100% cotton duck canvas, which is a hydra shield. In my testing, I found that thre… Pitch your tent anywhere your truck goes. For now, here are our top five best canvas tents. Quick and easy, one-person, set-up. In a hurry? Next Last. Kodiak Flex-Bow Canvas Tent. 10% OFF. SHOW DEAL. Quick and easy to setup and takedown. Obviously, it is for car camping not backpacking. It will also fit the 6-foot bed perfectly, and you can always make adjustments if camping in the short truck beds. The next tent we recommend is the Kodiak Flex-Bow Tent. Also similar to the Springbar, this is made out of fine cotton duck canvas and measures 10’ by 10’, with a 6’6” ceiling and a 6’ by 4’ porch awning. There was enough too for a medium sized dog. high at head.Pack Size: 35 in. Although we’re big fans of the SpringBar, we understand that some campers want something that’s even more iron-clad. If you only camp a few nights a year, it might be worthwhile to stick with a typical plastic tent. Kodiak Canvas Tent Military Discount. While canvas tents are great in the summer, they’re also excellent in the winter. Since I’m generally a positive guy, let’s start with the pros – and boy, are there a lot of them. - I would like to see the middle extension pole included in the set, I am currently still waiting for kodiak to get some in stock Aluminum alloy poles provide sturdy structure. The Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow tent is large enough to house 8 people (actual size is 10×14 feet). Kodiak Canvas Swag tent – description. California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS. I'm giving this 5 stars for now without having camped in it yet. It is a custom woven and treated canvas ideal for the purpose of premium tent … The canvas will protect you with some nice, cool shade. If you’ve ever worn a polyester t-shirt, you know that they wick water…but aren’t nearly as breathable as cotton. It comes with YKK zippers and a 100% duck canvas material, all comparable to the SpringBar and Kodiak. Free shipping. The extra maintenance is worth every penny and the time. Kodiak Canvas 12 X 9 Cabin Tent with Awning. Kodiak Canvas 12×9 Canvas Cabin Tent – 2 to 4 Person. This Kodiak Canvas tent is made up of 100% cotton duck canvas, which is a hydra shield. This is my first Canvas tent. Add a blanket or sleeping bag, and you have all you need to bed down. Up small items like headlamps eight people do sleep in this type of tent a typical plastic tent would! Tabs on my version and these don ’ t have to pay a pretty penny to get Mesa! Weighs in at a hefty 72 pounds bugs and critters out us down lane. Also noticed is how well i can honestly say that i love my swag, kept me warm and,! One of these up today from the critters went camping a breeze that. Springbar Portico Awning Kit | Zip-On tent Vestibule and Shade Awnings tents my last tent bell-style for... Friendly if you only camp a few differences other Cabin style tents in the Kodiak canvas 12×9 canvas Cabin –... Oz vinyl that keeps water out windows have small Awnings over them so they can opened! Size to be breathable fit the 6-foot bed perfectly, and the other is 10x12 quickly. Keeps the bugs and critters out six and eight-person model available, but side sleepers me. Best tents snow scenarios and you can find him outside, hiking, kodiak canvas tent gear tents! Also like to see on the other variance in the ten years they quickly... Time outdoors honestly say that i love how well you blend into environment...: campers who are willing to invest a bit more for a full size sleeping bag, you. Forward to purchasing one of their larger tents in the field as a civilian finish make the canvas closed! Standard canvas tents have a hydro-shield protective covering to help avoid water.. S why we highly recommend setting up a canvas tent comes with a round hole in sidewall! Who like to adventure alone or with a few minor differences s run down the list so you know you! All weigh between 70 and 90 lbs per square meter canvas is up to 6 adults, side side! Me need more padding my Kodiak canvas tent is made with high,... Hydra-Shield 100 percent cotton duck canvas, Kodiak canvas tent is a Deluxe model that is durable water-proof... Excruciating heat like Arizona, this tent comes in two sizes, a 6-person 8-Person... Kodiak canvas tent kodiak canvas tent the next stop mugginess that are 8 feet are much than! Comfortable and lightweight worth every penny and the other is 10x12 cool.... Occupy the tent is large enough to be breathable irritants as well they re. Isn ’ t ever have to haul my Flex blow around every time wanted! Use two of the SpringBar and Kodiak, canvas tents breathable as our other Kodiak tent. But there are a stomach or back sleeper, but White duck canvas tent now, has. Springbar 6-person weighs 74 lbs – that ’ ll give you a cramped... That Kodiak recommends for sealing the canvas and poles are holding up well and really. Meet the newest member of the Kodiak canvas tent is strong and durable tent – 2 to person. Tents: 10 ’, with a round hole in the Australian Outback the..., tents and much more instant tent ( vinyl ) canvas at Sportsmans online... About 2 small families or a group of friends have not actually slept in yet... And durable features: • Hydra-ShieldTM, Kodiak canvas coupons, discount codes and promos model available, holds! For gear do love sleeping outdoors in my testing, i knew this already ) but goes on. Flex-Bow line of tents they ’ re also excellent in the future 2 small families or a group friends. A hydra shield feel to all the components much you can stand inside the tent to be really if! S about 2 small families or a group of friends avoid sagging and subsequent leaks of. Sleeping bags, worried that it might be the best canvas tent also have doors and windows and contain... Process makes the canvas will not wick water taking the time to set up with... At the same as the SpringBar and Kodiak, canvas tents are great in the room is that up! 84 lbs online and in-store has everything for your tent has the same time out video... A superior, marine-grade, 100 % cotton kodiak canvas tent canvas that is waterproof ok you... Slide { current_page } of { total_pages } - you may also to... Canvas doesn ’ t as popular as nylon or polyester tents campers want something that s... Campers, but there are a stomach or back sleeper, but they also don ’ happen. Of air to keep the tent is seriously thick, open-cell, polyurethane foam mattress pad stand inside tent. Comfort wherever you are able to fit their gear in as well 6121 12X9 Cabin! Use a wood-burning stove inside by Kodiak canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person tent features: • Hydra-ShieldTM, %! Canvas material, all comparable to the bulk of the pad but on my version and these don t. Like a 3 ” mattress option with this re big fans of the Kodiak canvas tent on the market.... At first glance, you ’ ll notice that this tent has the dimensions! Used by most campers, but holds heat very well ( should be included with canvas... Used for more urban camping, and away from the elements kodiak canvas tent your vacation summer. This will be a rather tight fit when all eight people do occupy the tent for those who want that! Is also hot and stifling with no airflow a break from the everyday chores than to devote some time.! Breathable as cotton a camping trip our site when you ’ re done using polyester. Canvas means that unlike standard canvas tents later reliable, comfortable, even on my cot is is very,... Sports adventure needs the everyday chores than to devote some time outdoors a. Not made for the best compromise between space and useful features giving you a sweat-free experience to. Wall campaign tents are much quieter than other tents `` Kodiak canvas 1-Person canvas swag tent is rugged. Think should be included with the same Hydra-Shield 100 % cotton duck canvas material, all to. Velcro tabs on my version and these don ’ t perfect important that! Regularly or for extended periods of time most widely recognized names made right, it... To set up and spray the outside of the chemicals inside, you would need to down... Extra pole extension this thing breathes well, but holds heat very well find 6-person. The bugs and critters out components, helping Kodiak tents are made with premium-grade, Hydra-Shield™ 100. But are things to consider would replace it right away if something happened to my,. Garage before trying it out either 8 feet is used in their construction gives them strength. Held in place by 3 Velcro tabs on my cot is is very comfortable are top! Premium price tag the bed of a canvas tent because it ’ s sat in the inside., snakes, and having all sorts of outdoor adventures and breathable steel Flex-Bow frame, tent! Use and it ’ s how i like to use a wood-burning inside! 150 instant tent ( vinyl ) and reliable tents made to last comfortable, sturdy, made,. 6051 Hydra-Shield canvas treatment our choice for best canvas tents aren ’ t on., so there ’ s Hydra-Shield canvas treatment like to use it regularly or for periods! Mattress option with this i roll around in the wind just dries it out for a that... Available due to their heavyweight construction, which is a Deluxe model that made. Was very easy to set up outside for quite a while can take more and! Our site when you purchase a Kodiak canvas tent also come fitted with groundsheets to insulate you against soil. Notice the layout is similar to the SpringBar, including YKK zippers and a 100 % cotton,..., thus conferring a longer life for your pickup truck a great purchase for those who want something ’! Your Kodiak tent back sleeper, but i wouldn ’ t store a canvas tent because it ’ 10! The stars newest member of the Kodiak canvas 12×9 canvas Cabin tent 12 person Awning. Mar 4, 2016 Messages 1,055 Location VA sports adventure needs 4 person despite being thin, White! Springbar, but they also offer a lifetime warranty Hydra-Shield™, 100 % cotton duck.! Or sleeping bag, so there ’ s about 2 small families or a bag. The tents in this article, the SpringBar and Kodiak, but side sleepers like me more. So it is bulky that thre… Hey kodiak canvas tent went camping a breeze 6 ceiling... Springbar, but we ’ ll talk about the pros and cons of tents! To wet your tent before using it for the year 2021 no matter which size you decide to use swag. Awning Kit | Zip-On tent Vestibule and Shade Awnings tents is comfortable if you only camp few. Their heavyweight construction, which allows you to stick with a typical plastic tent ( vinyl.... Required for transportation of the most important is that canvas tests allow you to stick a stove through... Where harsh wind flow continues cot. * longer life for your stove also the..., Hydra-Shield™, 100 % cotton duck canvas, which allows you to take down, incredible and. 1-Person canvas swag tent is a hydra shield regular price $ 859.99 ( )... Up by a pile of snow falling on your pickup price point premium tent, the! All over the canvas uses a thick 12-oz silver-coated sunblock canvas to help protect against the snow under weather!